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Series Ultrahigh Frequency Induction heating machine

Series Medium Frequency Induction Heating Machine:
Input Voltage:Single phase 220V- three phases 380V 50/60HZ
Input Power: 08KVA-250KVA
Working Water Pressure: 0.15-03Mpa

  • XC Series
  • Kechuang Electronic
  • 8514400090

Series Ultrahigh  Frequency Induction Heating Machine Technical datum:

Model XC-08 XC-16 XC-40-I XC-40-II XC-70-I XC-70-II XC-100 XC-150 XC-250  
Input Power Supply Single Phase 220V Three Phases 380V±10%  50KHz  
Rated Input Power 8KVA 16KVA 40KVA 40KVA 70KVA 70KVA 100KVA 150KVA 250KVA
Max Input Current(Single Phase) 35A 25A 60A 60A 110A 110A 150A 225A 380A
Oscillating Frequency 300-500KHz 150-280KHz 100-200KHz 100-220KHz 80-150KHz 100-160KHz 90-150KHz 80-120KHz 80-120KHz
Central Oscillating Frequency 320KHz 220kHz 170KHz 190KHz 140KHz 160KHz 100KHz 90KHz 90KHz
Frequency Control Precision ±1.5KHz  
Working Water Pressure 0.15-0.30MPa  
Memo    XC-16 Induction machine has the one body type and the split-type  

Series Ultrahigh Frequency Induction Heating Machine Features:

Ø  IGBT series resonance, high voltage, low current, minimum loss,   save energy 10%-20% than the parallel resonance.
Ø  Adopt ZVT technology, power factor is as high as above 95%, the highest efficient power supply in the world.
Ø  Automatic frequency tracking, the start-up success rate up to 100%.
Ø  Constant power output, better to guarantee product quality.
Ø  No high voltage danger, safe and reliable, easy to operate.
Ø  Stable quality, solid and durable.
Ø  The power, frequency, loading can do the modular combination, form the one main body with one transformer single     frequency, one main body with one transformer double frequency, one main body with two transformers single frequency,    one main body with two transformers double frequency, two main bodies with one transformer single frequency all different   products, greatly improve the equipment use efficiency.


Kechuang always strengthens the induction heating basic theory research and technology platform construction, apply the independent intellectual property rights of the ZVT technology, using unidirectional magnetic field and composite magnetic field physical properties…
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