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What is the construction and characteristic of CNC Hardening machine?

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                                           What is the construction and characteristic of CNC Hardening machine?

          CNC quenching machine tool main host structure of lathe bed, table, adjust the sliding mechanism, drive system, electric CNC parts, etc., because of its simple operation, complete function, reasonable structure, convenient installation and debugging and fully automatic operation function, is widely used in tractors, automobile, engineering machinery, machine tool industry field of induction heat treatment.As the manufacturer of CNC quenching machine tool, xiangning high medium frequency is to talk about the structure and characteristics of CNC quenching machine tool.

           Numerical control quenching machine tool main configuration has the numerical control system, stepper motor drives, ball screw drive, cylindrical linear guide, ball slider sliding, water electromagnetic valve control, communication, slow drive screw, screw type cap - tip lifting, ac speed regulating motor driven sprocket chain, wide bar type workpiece rotation, control plug heating equipment, etc.

The main characteristic of the CNC quenching machine is that it can be equipped with the integrated quenching liquid circulating cooling system, and it is also used for the induction quenching of the shaft type, disk type, pin type, gear type and so on.In addition, the most obvious feature is the use of numerical control technology, which has the characteristics of connecting, segmenting and simultaneously, and the process of quenching.Moreover, because of the high degree of automation of the fuselage structure of the CNC quenching machine, the application of induction quenching in typical parts is very successful.

           The CNC quenching machine is less efficient and less functional than previous equipment, and it is difficult to guarantee the quality of quenching and so on.Current CNC quenching machine tool through research and combining the production practice proved that the domestic numerical control quenching machine tool application production more stable performance and reliable quality, multi-functional complete sets of equipment of numerical control quenching machine tool production meets the quality of the product is better, production efficiency is very high, production sales and after-sales service can be achieved up to mark.This is the advantage of CNC quenching machine.

      Therefore NC quenching machine tool production has adapted to the needs of the growing market, xiang ning high and moderate frequency many oversize, over the years has been for domestic large and medium-sized enterprises provide hundreds of set of all kinds of induction heating equipment performance is remarkable.With advanced technology, reliable quality and excellent service, the enterprise will serve the new and old customers wholeheartedly.


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