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electromagnetic heating energy-saving equipment working principle

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                                     The electromagnetic heating energy-saving equipment working principle

          The electromagnetic heating equipment energy saving can reach 30% to 70%

Sell electromagnetic heating power saving products. Plastic mechanical electromagnetic heating, tube electromagnetic heater, heating and energy saving electromagnetism coil, electromagnetic heating coil, electromagnetic induction heating coil, plastic electromagnetic heating energy saving equipment.

Product principle:

           By converting the electrical energy into a magnetic energy, the heated steel body induces a heating method of heating. It fundamentally solves the electric heating, electric heating circle, such as resistive heating by heat conduction heat inefficiency is through transform electricity for magnetic energy, make the heated steel body induction to the magnetic energy and heat of a heating mode. It fundamentally solves the problem of low efficiency of electric heating and electric heating coil heating through heat conduction.

Product features:

1. Efficient energy saving

Thermal efficiency can be as high as 95% or above. Under the same conditions, it is 30% to 70% less than the resistance heating method, and the preheating time is shortened by 2/3.

2. Reliable operation

Multi-loop intelligent control system and perfect protection system to ensure the long-term safe and reliable operation of the equipment.

3. Cost reduction

The heating part USES the cable structure, heating the cable itself does not generate heat, the service life is long. Avoiding resistance heating requires constant maintenance and periodic replacement of the heat cycle.

4. Improve the environment

Heating part of the heat dissipate less, the surface can be touched by hand, improve the environmental conditions of the production site.


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