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CNC Hardening Machine Tool

Induction heat treatment processing center
Equipment parameters
Machining range: disc typeΦ50-400mm ;shaft type Φ10-100x50-1000mm
Suitable workpieces: sprocket, gear, pulley, pin, spline shaft, gear shaft, etc.
Equipment mode: integration of machine, electricity and cooling
Equipment function: small footprint, automatic feeding, automatic unloading, error proofing, can save thousands of process programs.
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  • 8514400090

CNC Hardening Machine Tool:
1. Technical parameters:
  Vertical type universal machine tool: Φ10—Φ200,500—3000mm
   Horizontal type universal machine tool: Φ50—Φ200,500—10000mm
   Disk type universal machine tool: Φ50—Φ1000mm
Special-purpose machine tool: can design and make as the customers’ requirement.
 use together with the power supply power, meet the same part different power requirement.
   One-touch operation
Vertical type machine tool, horizontal type machine tool, disk type machine tool



Machine tool characteristics

This machine tool is mainly designed for the heat treatment of shaft workpiece, and its positioning accuracy is high. 

The heating part of workpiece can be set according to the different technological requirements of workpiece during heat treatment by using numerical control programming.

 Continuous automatic heat treatment of workpiece can be accomplished by adjusting moving speed or heating speed.

The rotation angle or speed of the shaft workpiece is regulated by the CNC system to ensure the accuracy of the rotation angle and speed and the stability of the heat treatment process.

The moving system of quenching transformer is driven by servo motor through drive shaft, and the moving position of quench transformer is adjusted by numerical control coordinate setting, which realizes the quick alignment of workpiece and the non-pole adjustable heating speed.





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