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Introduction to medium frequency bending

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Introduction to medium frequency bend

Medium frequency pipe bender adopts medium frequency electric induction heating to bend the workpiece under the condition of local heating.Compared with the general cold pipe bender, not only does not need a complete set of special mold, but also the volume of the machine only occupies the same specification of cold pipe bender 1/3 ~ 1/2.Medium frequency hot bending process is the most economical and effective one among all kinds of bending processes.

In the process of intermediate frequency pipe bending, an induction coil is put on the part to be bent, the pipe head is stuck by a mechanical rotary arm, and the high-density intermediate frequency current is fed into the induction coil to heat the steel pipe. When the temperature of the steel pipe rises to the plastic state, the rear end of the steel pipe is pushed by mechanical thrust for bending, and the part of the bent steel pipe is quickly cooled by coolant.Simple process flow: heating, pushing, bending and cooling at the same time.


Medium frequency pipe bender features

1) this process can avoid the uneven phenomenon of pipe bending wall thickness caused by the tension and thinning of the convex edge and the compression and thickening of the concave edge in the traditional pipe bending process.

2) This process can be used to produce 180 elbows with small radius (R D) and thin wall (t/D 0.015) with uniform wall thickness, which cannot be achieved by other pipe bending processes

3) If the design of various process parameters is reasonable, the process can ensure that the wall thickness of all parts of the pipe in the forming process of pipe bending remains unchanged, that is, the wall thickness of the straight pipe billet before deformation is always equal to

4) By using this technology can be in the same horn mandrel last push to produce the same caliber of 45 ° and 90 °, 180 ° bend bend Angle, high production efficiency

5) Good working environment, no pollution in heating process



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