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Robot loading and unloading intelligent induction heating application

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Robot loading and unloading intelligent induction heating application

The robot is equipped with automatic induction heating equipment

Industrial robots are mainly used in the field of industrial automation, and are widely used in automobile and parts manufacturing, motorcycle, construction machinery and other industries.In the field of induction heating application with intelligent DSP power supply, it can realize the application of workshop Internet of things, MES order management, automatic production line and so on.


1) Robots can work in relatively harsh working environment and can continue to operate. In addition, the working conditions of workers are improved. After using robots to work, the working intensity of workers is greatly reduced and the actual production capacity of the production line is greatly improved

2) Stable product quality, automatic loading and unloading, order management production efficiency

3) After using the robot, the product quality is stable and reliable, which makes it convenient for technicians to timely understand the actual production situation on site, control the product quality, reduce the size deviation caused by human operation errors, and provide strong traceability

4) Using the second generation of DSP intelligent induction heating equipment, with the code scanning equipment, can achieve automatic production line to control the system, according to the product serial number of the product information program switching, processing, and achieve real-time record, collection, traceability and management

5) Intelligent DSP induction heating operation status and parameters such as voltage, current, power, frequency, etc. are collected and monitored in real time.At the same time, these states can be directly connected to the centralized control network through the communication interface inside the power supply, and the required parameters can be transmitted to other controllers, such as industrial personal computer, numerical control system, notebook computer, remote control center, etc., to meet the requirements of the Internet of things in the workshop

6) The DSP intelligent induction heating equipment control system can be seamlessly connected with the customer ERP and MES system to receive planned orders, and automatically arrange production (arrange the most suitable order production order and batch) according to the inventory situation and material model rate, and control the equipment in the production line to carry out unmanned production



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