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New Technology

Robot loading and unloading intelligent induction heating applicationThe robot is equipped with automatic induction heating equipmentIndustrial robots are mainly used in the field of industrial automation, and are widely used in automobile and parts manufacturing, motorcycle, construction machinery



[New Technology] Innovation point of Kechuang fourth generation power supply technology

innovation point of Kechuang fourth generation power supply technology1. Frequency tracking technology based on intelligent load dynamic analysis(1) high precision: the control precision reaches nS (nanosecond) level (0.000000005 seconds);(2) super fault-tolerant: it completely solves the frequency



[New Technology] Special features of electronic induction heating power supply

Special features of electronic induction heating power supply1. Control core: adopt the world's most advanced high-speed digital signal processor (HDSP), and use the special chip developed by og-induction as the auxiliary processor.2. Using the new generation IGBT or MOSFET as the main i



[New Technology] Brief introduction of digital IGBT parallel resonant induction heating power supply

With the rapid development of China's industry, the performance of the product has been upgraded, and the requirement of the induction heating equipment is becoming higher and higher. Full digital control power replace analog control power supply, high-end induction heating equipment to replace the traditional low-end equ



[New Technology] Mixed dual-frequency technology is applied to gears hardening

Mixed dual-frequency technology is applied to gear hardening In order to achieve uniform heating depth, different parts of the workpiece need different frequencies during induction heating when heating the surface of non-uniform cylindrical devices. When the gear is induction hardening.



[New Technology] Adaptive automatic control

Frequency adaptive: in the adjustment of technology or coil, load changes without manual intervention, without opening the door to adjust the power supply, power frequency automatic tracking, automatic frequency hopping to the load optimal resonant frequency.



[New Technology] Digital IGBT parallel resonant induction heating power supply advantage

Induction heating power supply of power devices because of the need to generate a high frequency current, inside the cabinet there very high frequency strong magnetic field, on the signal transmission between the various parts of the circuit generated great interference, affect the equipment work normally.



[New Technology] Intelligent monitoring system

Quality control system and quality traceability: in the form of a database, to events occurring in the operation process, including operation, data parameters, fault, alarm, batches of products



[New Technology] high reliability

Adopt international famous brand components: the best in the industry of Germany's Infineon IGBT, Schneider contactor and circuit breaker, a German Semikron SCR, Ti, ad, St. company integrated circuit chip.



[New Technology] Characteristics of digital IGBT parallel resonant induction heating power supply

As an important industrial production equipment, has a very clear advantage, because of its position in the relevant market, it is difficult to shake in a period of time. Rittal cabinets convenient debugging installation and maintenance of the post installation workers.


Kechuang always strengthens the induction heating basic theory research and technology platform construction, apply the independent intellectual property rights of the ZVT technology, using unidirectional magnetic field and composite magnetic field physical properties…
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