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Adaptive automatic control

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Frequency adaptive: in the adjustment of technology or coil, load changes without manual intervention, without opening the door to adjust the power supply, power frequency automatic tracking, automatic frequency hopping to the load optimal resonant frequency.
Variable load adaptation: process adjustment and load change, the power supply and load automatically match to the best working state, to achieve high production efficiency, quality consistency and reliability of the equipment.
Power stepless adjustment: the stepless regulation range 5%-100%, the adjustment precision is above 0.1%. Any load (no load / full load), 0.2 seconds at any temperature, quick start, 100% success rate, repeat accuracy 0.1%.
Constant power output mode: in the case of the load matching, after the completion of the power, the output power in the working conditions (such as the workpiece temperature change, the workpiece is beating, etc.) after the change is still maintained a constant output.
Temperature curve and constant temperature control: the linkage of power and temperature is very strong, the system can realize the accurate and stable control of heating temperature through the automatic control system of power and temperature.


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