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Digital IGBT parallel resonant induction heating power supply advantage

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Optical fiber transmission signal

Induction heating power supply of power devices because of the need to generate a high frequency current, inside the cabinet there very high frequency strong magnetic field, on the signal transmission between the various parts of the circuit generated great interference, affect the equipment work normally. Optical fiber in the transmission signal is transmitted light, not conductive and magnetic, in the process of transmission signal is not affected by electromagnetic field of electromagnetic interference, industrial interference has a strong ability to resist. So we use optical fiber transmission important driving signal, signal is prevented from being to electromagnetic interference, and enhance the stability of the device.
The optical fiber is very strong in the signal transmission, in the transmission process, the signal loss is very small. At the same distance transmission signal, the loss of the optical fiber is one percent of the common cable. Therefore the signal can be transmitted to a remote loss is negligible, and because the loss is small, do not need to amplify and forward, not because of the magnification cited new signal distortion, signal fidelity, circuit stability good.
Compared to the common cable, the stability of the optical fiber is good, the environment changes including temperature and humidity and so on the influence of the fiber is almost no, not to the transmission signal influence, the equipment to the environment adaptability is strong


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