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Characteristics of digital IGBT parallel resonant induction heating power supply

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> Rittal cabinet:

As an important industrial production equipment, has a very clear advantage, because of its position in the relevant market, it is difficult to shake in a period of time. Rittal cabinets convenient debugging installation and maintenance of the post installation workers. The use of sealants, three rubber sealing strips reliable sealing performance, using a pin type hinge door, can open 110 degrees. The side of the groove type box can prevent dust and water from entering the box, and can be matched with the sealing ring to form a protection against the box. The bottom of the convex platform or the sponge into the line into the wire clip. Before and after the installation of the board can move, select the installation. Rittal cabinets widely involved in banking and finance, telecommunications, transportation, retail, manufacturing, healthcare, government and other fields. Rittal design using induction heating equipment of our company.

> PCB module DIN rail installation:
1 quick installation;
2 reduce the number of spare parts;
3 easy to maintain;
4 high mechanical stability;
5 insulation, flame retardant;
6 anti dust, anti-static;
7 the control structure of the whole power supply;

Efficient and safe heat sink system:
1 all copper heat sink, with good heat conduction efficiency;
2 fully sealed chassis, anti dust;
3 air conditioning temperature control, cabinet internal and environmental temperature isolation;
4 water cooling series, using pure stainless steel water circulation system;
5 water circulation loop joint, all metal structure, safe and reliable;
6 cycle water self filtration;


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