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Common problems in induction heating equipment cooling water system

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Common problems in induction heating equipment cooling water system 

           Although are now on the induction heating equipment operation instruction of cooling water for the "pure soft water", but restricted by conditions, and the user of equipment do not take the effects of using conditions, there will be many manufacturers use non-standard water quality.Even the water used to meet the requirements, but affected by many factors in the soft water system management maintenance of equipment is easy to produce electrolytic and scale blocking waterways, thus affect the normal use of equipment or damage to the components such as a series of problems.

1. Hydraulic instability

The water pressure loading range of induction heating equipment is 0.2%-0.3 MPa, but the water pressure that the user loads when using the equipment is either too low or too low, and then adversely affects the equipment.For example, the water pressure is too high to cause the detonation tube or leaking, thus threatening the device circuit;The low heat dissipation effect of water pressure can cause damage to IGBT or other components.As a result, it is recommended to design waterways when using induction heating equipment.

2. No emergency water supply system

Induction heating equipment run normally encountered some water, though the host job protection, but the body due to the high temperature furnace and high temperature heating furnace artifacts, short time is difficult to cooling, it's so easy to cause the damage of furnace body.

3. Dust and grease

Inductive heating environment may be filled with dust, soot, water vapor and other tiny particles, and then in view of the equipment are installed in the host platoon fan, its work when the power vacuum pressure is caused by these tiny particles will be inhaled from the gap.Then they adhere to the electrical components, PCB, and installation of conductor surface, on the one hand, make the poor heat dissipation components or parts, the insulation will be damaged, on the other hand the device with high pressure will be lighter or pull arc, severe cases may even lead to combustion.

Thus caused by abnormal cooling water system for induction heating equipment damage is very big, so at ordinary times when using induction heating equipment, must follow its use standard, don't use because of the trouble or other factors.


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