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Electromagnetic heating advantages introduction

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                                 Electromagnetic heating advantages introduction

In recent years, the heating of plastic processing machinery used in the market has been heated, and it has been transmitted to the screw barrel, which has heat conduction loss and caused environmental temperature rise. The heat from the outer ring is mostly lost to the air, resulting in the loss of heat. And electromagnetic heating technology is to make the metal cylinder itself fever, and cylinder outside and wrapped in adiabatic materials, greatly reduce the conduction of heat loss and heat loss of the air, improves the thermal efficiency, avoids the environmental temperature rise, so the energy-saving effect is very significant, can reach 40% ~ 75%, so the electromagnetic heating circle itself is not a fever, and it is made of ceramic material and high temperature cable so there is no original resistance wire of electric heating circle in the condition of high temperature oxidation and shorten the service life of the problem, have long service life, fast heating rate, and the advantages of no need maintenance, reduces maintenance time, reduce the cost.

 Installation and commissioning of electromagnetic heating:

Electromagnetic heating coil installation and debugging is simple: remove the machine on the original electric heating circle, in the heated objects on the package on a layer of heat preservation material, then add the electromagnetic induction trap on the heated object. Switch the wire of the original heating coil to the input line on the electromagnetic heating controller, which is installed. To ensure that the original equipment using electromagnetic heating circle after the original production technology constant, the original operating procedures, when the design according to the difference of two kinds of heating methods on the performance, using electromagnetic heating circle has been reduced by about 40% power, and electromagnetic heating controller on the power adjustment and power protection function is designed. So the debugging process is pretty simple. The user can debug according to the instructions.

Electromagnetic heating coil in the plastic products, plastic film, pipe, profile and applied such as industry manufacturers, has achieved good results, is easy to install, strong interchangeability, as well as manufacturers have made better economic benefits than ever before.

Machine main features:

1.By means of electromagnetic induction heating, the electromagnetic heating coil is installed outside the heating object and the electromagnetic induction body is heating.

2.Good power saving effect: compared with the current electric heating coil, the energy saving can reach more than 30%.

3.Convenient installation: have circular and semicircle structure, and add insulation layer between the pipe and coil to further improve the thermal efficiency and thermal insulation effect.

4.Power density: a single electromagnetic induction heating coil can replace the original 2-3 electric heating coil.

5. Low running cost, low maintenance, free warranty of products for a year, maintenance for life.


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