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How to select induction heating equipment?

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                                                How to select induction heating equipment?

            A complete induction heating system, its basic components include induction heating power, induction heating coil, heating workpiece and heating device.Kechuang high and moderate frequency equipment limited liability company specializing in the development and production of various specifications of high intermediate frequency induction heating equipment and quenching machine tool and other kinds of non-standard products, integrating scientific research, production, sales, will come today and you talk about how to choose the induction heating equipment.

How to select and select induction heating equipment?It is mainly considered from the following aspects:

1. The shape and size of the workpiece being heated

A. Large, rod and solid materials should be used for induction heating equipment with relatively high power and low frequency.

B. Small, tubular, plate, and gears can be used for induction heating equipment with low relative power and high frequency.

2. The depth and area needed to be heated

A. The heating depth is deep, the area is large, the whole heating, should choose the power large, the frequency low induction heating equipment;

B. The heating depth is shallow, the area is small, the area is heated, and it chooses the induction heating equipment with relatively low power and high frequency.

3. The heating rate required

The heating speed should be relatively large and relatively high frequency of induction heating equipment.

4. The connection time of the equipment

The continuous working time is long, with relatively high power induction heating equipment.

5. Connection distance between sensor parts and equipment

The connection length, even the need to use the water-cooled cable connection, should be relatively high power induction heating equipment.

6. Process requirements

A. Generally, the process of quenching, welding and other processes is relatively low and the frequency is higher.

B. Annealing, tempering and other processes, relatively high power selection, low frequency selection;

C. Red flush, hot calcining, melting and so on, the thermal effect of the process is high, the power is large and the frequency is low.

7. Material of the workpiece

A. The relatively high power of the melting point in the metal material is larger, and the relatively low melting point is less power;

B. Low resistivity selection power is larger, and the selection power is smaller.


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