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Induction Heating Advantages

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Induction heating has characteristics and advantages over the traditional heating methods

Compare to the traditional heating mode (high frequency machine, gas stove, electric stove, gas tube coking coal) induction heating can energy-saving 3/4, safe and no high voltage electric shock danger, can work continuously for 24 hours, the halogen-light, more in line with fire safety regulations;

Quick heating: the fastest heating speed is less than 1 second (speed adjustable control);

Wide heating: various kinds of metal workpieces can be heated (disassembled induction coil according to the shape of the workpiece);

Convenient installation: connect power, induction coil and incoming water pipe can be used; Small size, light weight and easy to use;

Easy to operate: a few minutes to learn;

Start fast: after the water is energized, you can start the heating

Low power consumption: save electricity about 70% than the old vacuum tube high – medium frequency equipment , the smaller the workpiece, the lower the power consumption;

Good effect: the heating is very uniform (it can also adjust the density of the induction coil, so that the parts of the workpiece can get the temperature that they need), the heating is fast, the oxide layer is small, and after annealing, there is no waste;

Power adjustable: output power without extreme adjustment;

Protection: it is equipped with overpressure, overflow, overheat, water shortage and other alarm instructions, and automatic control and protection;

Temperature control: by setting the heating time and infrared temperature measuring instrument, the temperature of the heating of the workpiece can be controlled so that the heating temperature can be controlled to a technical point. Also can increase the insulation function according to need;

High security: the booster transformer that produces nearly ten thousand volts is exempted;


Kechuang always strengthens the induction heating basic theory research and technology platform construction, apply the independent intellectual property rights of the ZVT technology, using unidirectional magnetic field and composite magnetic field physical properties…
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