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Induction Tempering Machine

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                What is tempering? What is the purpose of tempering?


The martensite steel is heated to A critical temperature for insulation, then cooled down to adjust and improve the performance of A heat treatment operation called tempering. Sometimes it is called tempering after a positive fire treatment for large castings and forgings.

2. The main purpose of the fire return

(1).Reduce the brittleness, eliminate or reduce the internal stress;

(2).To obtain the mechanical properties required by the workpiece

(3).Stable workpiece dimensions

(4).For annealing soften some of the hard alloy steel, after quenching (or normalizing) high temperature tempering, is often used to make carbides in steel appropriate gathered themselves together, and the hardness is reduced, and machining, on the other hand also to reduce the cooling stress of large castings and forgings.


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