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The disadvantages of inferior induction heating equipment

Views: 138     Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2017-10-10      Origin: Site

                                            The inferior induction heating equipment  can lead  serious loss to enterprise

The application of the induction heating technology and its extensive, involved in all walks of life, its application is closely related with the manufacturing process of the factory, so the application of induction heating technology extensive and complex, there is no universal induction heating power supply can solve various problems, basically are customized products. Therefore, it is advisable to choose products with strong strength, experience, after-sales service, high performance and high reliability.

The common problems of low-end induction heating power supply are:

l high power failure rate directly led to the production line often shutdown, factory capacity decline, staff DaiGong, thus cost greatly increases, the indirect losses are generally large, not only can compensate power price difference.

l power performance of the underground, caused by the processing of the missing quality is not up to standard.

l power matching, or power supply with low efficiency, high energy consumption of the running for the high utilization rate of power supply, high power to save electricity is huge, a year can often far more than the power of the difference.

l according to the special requirements of the factory design power matching and function, lead to can't normal use, or use the effect is not ideal.

l as factory production equipment, if adopted, manufactured products will be the devil to cut corners.

l after-sales service does not reach the designated position leading to poor debugging, problem solving, not in time for the factory bring losses.


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