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water Cooling system

Cooling water tower movement all adopt in thermal efficiency high copper tube,
let the working fluid (water or other liquid) in its line through, through the fan and air for natural heat exchange, one-time finish.
It is not only energy conservation and environmental protection, but also tube is clean and unobstructed, reduce the failure rate, prolong the useful life of the equipment.
Closed circulating cooling reduce pipe corrosion and scaling, do not need to pool, covers an area of small,
convenient to move, energy saving, simple operation.

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Compound closed water cycle cooling system

ModelCooling capacity
Circulation water flow rate(m³/h)Fan delivery (m³/h)Pipe diameter(mm)Power(KW)Rated Voltage
Circulation water tank Volume(m³)Dimension
main inlet& outlet circulation water pipe diameterSpray water filling water inlet pipe diameterSpray water outlet pipe diameterFan powerSpraying pump power
main circulation pump power
FNB-5A4816012.5 6400DN50DN20DN250.75 0.7533800.51.3*1*2.15
FNB-10A7525012.56400DN65DN20DN250.75 0.7533800.51.6*1.2*2.35


operational principle:

1)Air-cooled part:Working fluid (soft water or other liquids) circulating through a straight tube in a closed cooling tower,After the heat of the fluid is absorbed by the pipe wall of the straight pipe, the heat of the pipe wall is discharged from the machine through the fan at the top.

2)Water cooling part: when the temperature of the fluid is too high (over the set temperature) the sprinkler system is automatically started. The spray pump sprinkled water on the hot and humid tube wall and formed a water film, absorbing a large amount of heat by evaporation (evaporation latent heat).Part of the spray water becomes steam, carried away by the flowing air, and the unevaporated water droplets fall in the sink for the next cycleA closed loop of fluid in a coil, theoretically without consumption. The consumption of spray water is only 0.1-0.2% of the unit flow.


1)The circulating cooling medium is closed and no impurities enter, which ensures the purity of the medium.

2)Water circulating water uses soft water, does not scale, does not block the pipeline

3)It occupies a small area and can be moved and placed according to needs. It can be placed indoors or indoors depending on the scene.

4)Small energy consumption, simple and reliable operation.


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