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The advantages of induction heater1) induction heating is not necessary to heat the workpiece as a whole. It can be used selectively to heat the parts, so as to achieve the purpose of low energy consumption, and the deformation of the workpiece is not obvious. 2) the heating speed can make the workp



[Technology News] high frequency induction heating equipment characteristics and advantages

The characteristics and advantages of high frequency induction heating equipmentThe main advantages of induction heating are: no overall heating, small deformation and small energy consumption.No harm, no harm.The heating speed is fast and the surface of the workpiece is oxidized and decarburized.Th



[Technology News] Induction Heating machine

1.Traditional Heating:Traditional coal, gas, oil heating, serious pollution, poor working environment, serious safety hazards. coal, gas and oil heat slow and uneven, and easy to deformation of workpiece, oxide layer, poor quality, more not smooth surface, high rejection rate, in the present this ki



[Company News] 150kW Handheld Induction Heating Equipment Order

150Kw handheld induction heating equipment has been tested well and being send to final customers.



[Technology News] Steam turbine bolt induction heating

Steam turbine bolt induction heating Now, turbine bolt heating, heating plant bolt, a more advanced method, and the application of mature, induction heating, compared with the traditional electric heating induction heating bolt, save a lot of energy, improve the production efficiency, has bee



[Technology News] Kechuang Induction Heating Machine Features

Kechuang Induction Heating Machine Features1. Control core: adopt the world's most advanced high-speed digital signal processor (HDSP), and use the special chip developed by OG-induction as the auxiliary processor.2. adopting the new generation IGBT or MOSFET as the main inverter, combined with the



[Technology News] We are doing Network Promotion on Google

We are doing Network Promotion on Google,welcome your letters.



[Technology News] What's high frequency induction heating machine

What's high frequency induction heating machineA powerful magnetic beam that creates a polar moment in an electromagnetic induction coil, which will need heat-treated metal to be placed in the high frequency coil, will penetrate the entire heated metal object.In the direction of the induction heatin



[Technology News] The disadvantages of inferior induction heating equipment

The inferior induction heating equipment can lead serious loss to enterprise



[Company News] Induction Heating Machine Sales Month

Chinese National Holiday has been finished and we have been normal working now. This is our induction heating machine sales month,with many sales discount, so any inquiries,welcome your letter.Thanks.

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Kechuang always strengthens the induction heating basic theory research and technology platform construction, apply the independent intellectual property rights of the ZVT technology, using unidirectional magnetic field and composite magnetic field physical properties…
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