Big Pipe Heating Bending

1  Energy saving and consumption: save 10% -30% energy than traditional induction heating equipment;
2  Convenient start: empty furnace start, empty furnace stop, no waste, no charge.
3  High reliability: the induction power has uninterrupted operation for 12 months;
4  Unique beating furnace protection function, steel billet and induction furnace fire, can ensure that the power supply is not damaged.
5  Instant use: out-of-the-box, any temperature (cold/hot), arbitrary load (full load/empty) fast start. The heating time of the cold furnace is short and the preparation speed is fast. No reactive compensation is required, high power factor 0.96.
6  Thermal insulation: when the forging pressure is suspended, the standby state can be maintained to minimize waste loss.
7  Full automatic multi-use: 1 power supply suitable to match a variety of different specifications of induction furnace and billet, fully automatic matching.
8  Quick heating: the quick heating time of aluminum is short, the starting time is in seconds, the heating temperature is even higher.

Application pictures:

        Pipe heating bending        Oil Drill Pipe Heating
                       Pipe Heating Bending                                                                              Oil Drill Pipe Heating 


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